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Control 360

The Control 360 platform can be utilized as a managed service or a SaaS. Control 360 also has the ability to be modularized based on your company’s specific need.


Anyone that has ever attempted to decipher a telecom or utility bill can attest as to their complexity, especially when dealing with multiple vendors. Let us show you how our technology tracks your invoices and presents them in a simple standardized formate, no matter what vendors are being utilized


Often times, the complexity of vendor invoices can lead to “rubber stamp” approvals, late fees or both. Our proprietary approval system prevents these issues from arising. Through our online portal, your personnel will have instant access to the invoices they are responsible for along with custom approval settings that will provide automated reminders until the invoice is approved.


Let us simplify the way that you view and control your inventory. Through association to locations and users, our technology takes the guess work out of everchanging components of your business.


From procurement to support requests, our personnel and technology provide a wide range of capabilities. Whether it be specific SLA’s needed to monitor requests, or updates sent via text messaging directly from our platform, Platinum Wireless has the technology and personnel to keep you informed and keep your business running smoothly.

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