Exceeding your expectations

We have a team of highly trained project managers that are PMP certified and have extensive experience with large scale projects and deployments with AT&T. We will ensure we exceed your expectations in every phase of the deployment.

Platinum Wireless will help you securely provision, kit, and configure your AT&T devices before they are deployed to geographically dispersed locations. Provisioning includes SIM and/or device order & activation management, software upgrade, custom device setup, MDM enrollment & provisioning.



We provide custom kitting & labeling, asset tagging, replacement of DOA devices, inventory management, IMEI reporting & more. A Quality Assurance process is followed to ensure that 100% of devices have been tested prior to kitting and regular Quality Control checks have been conducted on all components of the logistics process.

Onsite Support

When onsite support is needed, we send our team out to ensure the end users are trained and have all the necessary knowledge in order to operate their new devices and applications effectively along with any other requirements surrounding an onsite deployment as each of our customers’ needs are different so we tailor the onsite process to meet their individual requirements.


With any project, there are many reporting aspects that are required and each of our customers have different needs. So, we customize our reporting to meet the need of each individual customer along with each individual project.

Remote Support

We offer remote support to assist with the deployment of a large project to ensure that the devices are working properly. We offer Tier 1 support for troubleshooting with end users if they encounter any challenges with their AT&T device.

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