Providing clarity for your IoT managed services
and delivering immediate results

The way you do business is evolving with the digital transformation to IoT, and the ecosystem is complex.

It is a web weaved of distribution channels, end-devices, security, analytics, and the elusive “cloud.” It’s important to understand that IoT is not just about products; it’s also about services. Products are the tools that establish a connection.

Services unlock the capabilities of these devices by increasing operational efficiencies and creating additional revenue for your business. SIMetric by Platinum Wireless provides clarity for your IoT managed services and delivers immediate results.



  • Onboarding tutorials with step-by-step instructions
  • No developers, analysts or IT resources needed
  • Sign up today and be ready to save tomorrow


  • Platinum Wireless customers can save between 18-32% per month
  • Customized service plans developed for your personal business needs
  • No consulting fee


  • Cloud-based platform with 24/7 access
  • Real-time analytical dashboard can be displayed on multiple screen sizes: smartphones, tablets, laptops
  • Custom-controlled dashboard accessibility for multiple users


  • Updated analytics with each loaded session of the dashboard


  • View your personal insights and predictive analytics, then take action to scale your approach
  • No surprises at the end of the month


  • Monitoring of your devices and alerts of malfunction or misuse enables you to take immediate action
  • Theft detection ensures notification if any SIMs are removed
  • SIMetric picture attached


SIMetric maximizes efficiency, scalability, and automation for your business, no matter your position in the management of IoT connectivity.


Distribution Channels

 SIMetric offers customized solution services for resellers, telecom expense managers and service providers. Become the trusted advisor your customers need with access to our enhanced analytics. Drive service improvements and revenue growth for their IoT solution with the flexibility to manage and bill your customers as needed.


IoT Hardware and Software Companies

You’ve developed the next big thing in IoT, but how do you connect that solution and manage it? SIMetric can ensure the lowest total cost of ownership and maximum profitability for your business.



Do you own a business with cellular connected products? If so, you must consider how to manage those connections. SIMetric can help your business minimize complexity and reduce costs of managing connected devices to run a more efficient and profitable IoT business.

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