Sell us your old devices. 

why sell and recycle?

Every year, new technology is being developed and released.

On a corporate level, keeping up with the growing advancements in technology is necessary to stay ahead.

 The same applies with your mobile devices. Every year new smartphones and tablets are introduced into the market with new useful features and are getting increasingly expensive. Selling your old devices is a good way to ease the cost of this new equipment and keep your company up to date with the latest in mobility.


Millions of devices are ending up in landfills across America each year.

Not only are they taking up space in our landfills but they also present a significant hazard. For the devices that no longer have value or are damaged beyond repair, recycling them is a great way of disposing these devices. We destroy these devices in house and then sell them by weight to a downstream partner that is compliant with EPA guidelines and breaks these devices down for precious metals. This keeps obsolete devices out of landfills and is ultimately better for the environment.

how to get started

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To get started, simply submit a list of the devices that you would be interested in selling to or fill out the form below.

Once we receive your inquiry, we will provide a quote within 24 hours

Quotes are valid for 30 days from original Purchase Order date, unless otherwise stated. Quotes outside the 30 days will be revised and extended an additional 30 days

Condition Requirements

Prices quoted by Platinum Wireless for working devices are defined as the following:

  • Device must power on
  • Device must be fully functional
  • Device must be complete (device, battery, battery door)

Platinum Wireless makes every effort to pass your devices as working devices. We want your company to see and recycle your used obsolete cellular equipment as needed.

Data Protection

Platinum Wireless makes every effort to remove all personal and corporate data. If we cannot guarantee that the data on a device is completely removed for any reason, we can either recycle the device or send it back to you at our cost.

Free Shipping

We pay for all shipping and will provide you with a pre-paid UPS shipping label via email. If you have multiple boxes to ship, we can provide multiple labels. When shipping your devices, please securely package them in the box of your choice. If you do not have a daily UPS pick-up, we can schedule one for you.

Once we receive your devices, we will perform a basic functionality test, a visual inspection, as well as a full data wipe. We do not test for water damage.

Get Paid

Once processing is complete, a final purchase order is populated and sent to you for your approval. The final purchase order will outline each device model, value, as well as (when present) cracked screens, Apple IDs, Google Locks, etc. This separates Platinum Wireless from its competitors because it requires you to approve the final purchase order before we issue payment. This ensures your 100% satisfaction.

Once you approve the final purchase order, you have 2 options for payment. We can cut you a company check, or credit your wireless account.

interested in selling your devices?

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