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Our Services

Mobility Consulting

Our experts consult with AT&T account teams and their enterprise customers in all segments and discover ways to solve business challenges and assist in growing revenue. Our sales team develops strategic solutions within AT&T’s ecosystem to solve complex IT business processes, reduce expenses, and deliver overall value, all of which results in a mutually beneficial partnership.

IoT Expertise

We specialize in Machine to Machine (M2M) solutions and the acceleration of large scale IOT projects.  AT&T’s IoT Solutions produce new revenue streams and create operating efficiencies for our customers. AT&T IoT solutions areempowering enterprise operations with world-class, managed IoT solutions that are simple, innovative, scalable, and secure.

Mobile Device Buyback

Platinum Wireless provides mobile device trade-in solutions for wireless corporate customers, retailers and individual end-users.  We provide a customized device buyback quote within hours and will guarantee fair market value for your devices. We have a quick 5-day turnaround time that includes free shipping.

Day-to-Day Ordering

Our back office support team prides itself on processing orders quickly and efficiently. Our typical turnaround time for equipment orders is 2 hours and we process large deployment orders within 24 hours. We process all of our orders with a high level of accuracy as our team has extensive experience working in AT&T systems.

Professional Services

We have a team of highly trained Project Managers that have extensive experience with large scale projects and deployments. We will ensure your project is successful and will support your company in all phases of the deployment. This includes processing orders for new lines and upgrades, order tracking, staging and kitting of devices, vender coordination, end user training and onsite deployments.

Non-stocked Equipment

We provide the simplicity of being a single point of contact to procure equipment and accessories that are not typically stocked by AT&T and get them activated on your AT&T account. We maintain a portfolio that consists of the most relevant technology solutions to ensure we help our customers sustainable grow their business.

About Us

Founded in 2017, the Platinum Wireless team has a passion for technology and helping businesses achieve their short and long term goals.

We understand the challenges that organizations experience in the environment of rapidly changing technologies, while managing their mobility accounts and staying focused on their day to day operations. Our commitment to excellence and a strong desire to help enterprises succeed is the very reason we are here today.

Platinum Wireless is well equipped to provide best-in-class service to our customer base.

We serve as an extension of our client’s team and we specialize in providing enterprise wireless solutions within the AT&T suite of products and services.

We quickly and efficiently handle the needs as simple as order management, procurement of refurbished equipment and/or equipment not typically stocked by AT&T, to customer solutions utilizing any or all of our professional services. We strive to bridge the gap supporting customer acquisition, growth and retention for AT&T wireless solutions. Our customers can expect the very best in end-to-end support, allowing them to remain focused on managing their core business.

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